International Scientific CNRS Fall School 2012

High Sensitivity Magnetometers

"Sensors & Applications"

   4th Edition,

Monday 22 - Friday 26 October 2012

Branville, Normandy, FRANCE   


The aim of this school is:

  • to give the state of the art and a large overview of high sensitivity magnetic sensors (physics, performances, noise, properties...) in an open or closed environments with their classical and less-classical applications;
  • to analyze their performances in order to specify comparison rules and help researchers to make a proper choice of sensors for various applications.

Every five years, in June 1997 (Les Houches), October 2002 (Port-Bail), and September 2007 (Blainville-sur-mer), tree schools entitled "Highly Sensitive Magnetometers: Sensors and Applications" were organized at "Les houches" and "PortBail" France, respectively. Last school received over 75 participants (students, researchers and engineers) coming from more than fifteen countries.

Some progresses in highly sensitive devices and new perspectives have been reported since the last meeting. Finally, because there is a great number of new or old applications using highly sensitive magnetometer with various operating conditions, we believe that it's time to the 4th school dedicated to highly sensitive magnetometers and theirs applications. Also, we could check their performances (dynamic range, noise, bandwidth, spatial resolution...) in order to compare their (intrinsic and extrinsic) performances.

It should be directed both towards researchers in the field of improved or new magnetic sensors and towards end-users who work with highly sensitive devices.

School Topics:

  • High sensitivity magnetic sensor overview

    Absolute magnetometers, Induction sensors, Magneto-electric sensors, Fluxgates, Hall sensor, SQUID, MI, GMI, MR, GMR, CMR, Spin dependant tunneling, Spin valve, Magneto-elastic, Magnetostrictive, Magneto-optic, Hybrid sensors...

    Main Objective: To present the physics of the sensor and the associated real magnetic performances.

  • Magnetic sensor application overview

    Magnetic anomaly detection, Military applications, Geomagnetic, Magnetic observatory, Space magnetism, NDE, NDI, NMR, MEG, MCG, Other Bio-magnetic measurements, Metrology, Active shielding, Magnetic microscopy, Exotic applications...

    Main Objective: To give the needed magnetometer performances for dedicated applications.